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Los Angeles Dodgers Number Thirteen 2010 Top Prospect - Chat & Vote

1 Chat and Vote - Chris Withrow
2 Chat and Vote - Dee Gordon
3 Chat and Vote - Scott Elbert
4 Chat and Vote - Ivan DeJesus
5.Chat and Vote - Ethan Martin
6.Chat and Vote - Andrew Lambo
7. Aaron Miller
8. Chat and Vote - Josh Lindlbom
9. Chat and vote - Trayvon Robinson
10. Chat and vote - Nathan Eovaldi
11. Xavier Paul
12. Chat and Vote Garrett Gould

Garret Gould wins the vote for number 12 quite easily and is now the youngest player on the list. Seven out of twelve are pitchers. I've add a plethora of names to the poll as we head into the strech for the top 15.