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Dodgers Decline Garland's 2010 Option

In an unsurprising move, the Dodgers have declined the 2010 $10 million option on Jon Garland, per Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times.  By declining the option, Garland is owed a $2.5 million buyout.  Per terms of the August 31 trade with Arizona, the Diamondbacks are paying that buyout.

Kensai at Memories of Kevin Malone said it best:

Garland gave the Dodgers his best during his tenure, as he posted a 2.72 ERA in six starts, but he is exactly the type of guy you want to cut bait with after the season concludes. The Dodgers got excellent performance out of him that likely boosted his value, but his career shows an overwhelming trend of mediocrity, so let somebody else pay for an illusion.

Per terms of the trade with Arizona, the Dodgers cannot offer Garland arbitration if he is deemed a Type A free agent.  Thanks to MLB Trade Rumors and Detroit Tigers Thoughts, who have diligently tracked the free agent rankings, project Garland to be a Type B free agent, meaning the Dodgers could offer Garland arbitration if they so choose.  Then again, since Garland would almost certainly achieve a salary in arbitration reasonably close to the $10 million option just declined by the Dodgers, don't expect the club to offer him arbitration.

That Jon Garland didn't play in the postseason cemented his Dodger legacy as an insurance policy, albeit with an expensive premium.  For those six starts, the Dodgers gave up middle infielder Tony Abreu, who has five more seasons before hitting free agency.

2010 Dodger Options
Player Option Buyout Status
Will Ohman $2.2 million    $200,000 declined
Jon Garland $10 million $2.5 million (paid by AZ)     declined
Manny Ramirez    $20 million none (player option) pending

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