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TBLA Final Vote for the 15th best Prospect in the Dodger Organization

1 Chat and Vote Chris Withrow
2 Chat and Vote Dee Gordon
3 Chat and Vote Scott Elbert
4 Chat and Vote Ivan DeJesus
5 Chat and Vote Ethan Martin
6 Chat and Vote Andrew Lambo
7 Aaron Miller
8 Chat and Vote Josh Lindlbom
9 Chat and vote Trayvon Robinson
10 Chat and vote Nathan Eovaldi
11 Xavier Paul
12 Chat and vote Garrett Gould
13A Allen Webster
13B Kyle Russell

Dead heat after two votes so they both get to call themselves the TBLA 13th best prospect. Final vote is now up for the 15th TBLA best Dodger prospect. I don't know how the rest of you vote but I do it on what the ceiling is and if I expect them to reach the ceiling. So for me Lucas May will be no more then a backup catcher, while Jonathan Garcia could be Adam Jones (a comparable for his age in the Arizona League) offensively or just another fast starting kid who is swallowed up by advanced pitching.