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Joe Torre May Stick Around For A While

All that talk of Joe Torre leaving after his contract expires after next season may have been premature.  T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times brings the news that Torre and the Dodgers are working on a contract extension:

"We were talking about my coaches and I've been thinking about it," Torre says while mentioning General Manager Ned Colletti's name and plans to chat again once Torre returns from a charity function in New York.

"It's been fun. When I came here, I was curious about how it might go. But the last two years have been invigorating. You see progress and your ego tells you maybe you had something to do with it."

It has been rumored that Don Mattingly is being groomed as Torre's successor as Dodgers manager, especially since he declined to interview with the Nationals for their managerial job earlier this week.  Simers also reveals a confirmation of Mattingly's status from the club:

"We'll discuss Don this winter as well," Colletti says. "We believe he wants to stay here and we'll see where that goes.

"When I hired Joe, I told him we wanted to develop continuity here and I would like to have his successor on his staff or at least within the organization. He suggested Don be given a chance and I've told him we'll do that."

One of the main reasons the pending McCourt divorce is troublesome is the dysfunction we all fear it will bring to the organization.  At the very least, extending Torre will bring some sense of stability to the club, as did Colletti's extension last month.  Good or bad, if a new owner comes in, it will be hard to fire the manager and general manager if both have long-term contracts.

Torre turns 70 next season, and is already the oldest manager in Dodger history.

Manager Date of Last Gm   
Joe Torre Oct 4, 2009 69 years, 78 days
Tommy Lasorda   June 23, 1996 68 years, 275 days
Wilbert Robinson Sept 27, 1931 68 years, 90 days


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