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Bargain Hunting Dodger Style

MLBTR has updated their 2010 Free Agent List  with the recent non - tenders who have not signed. Not surprisingly the Dodgers do not appear tied to anyone at the moment. Over a month ago we looked at the 2010 Free Agent class not really knowing what direction the Dodgers would be going in. Now I'd say we know they are not spending much money and how much may depend on how or if they are able to move Pierre. It will be bargain basement hunting. Some of those Free Agents in Nov are now gone but the list has been padded with many non - tenders from Saturday. That is not to say the list has been added with very much talent. There is usually a good reason why someone has been non - tendered, however some players look interesting. Kelly Johnson for sure but I doubt we can afford him or even if Ned is interested. 

So which of those names can the Dodgers afford now, or will some of them be available come Feb when they become desperate to find a team?

Wang has been mentioned because of Torre but I've yet to see an ex-Yankee show up on in the Dodger clubhouse so that relationship seems over used whenever a Yankee appears available. They couldn't get rid of Procter fast enough.

Our roster needs are minimal in the key positions  other then 2nd base and a starting pitcher. We need a backup catcher and there are plenty of candidates there besides our own AJ Ellis. 2nd base is where the Dodger action will be focused.  Maybe a utility infielder who is better than Hu. That should not be hard to find. A bat off the bench to replace Mientkiewicz or it may be Mientkiewicz again. If Pierre is dealt then a back up outfielder better than Repko or Paul.

Pitchers galore but are the ones we can afford any better then the in house options? To be honest I don't know what the price of Padilla is, but if we can get him for $4 Million on a one year deal I'd be all over that. Eric rightly said the Dodgers should run away from Padillia but he did add at the end of that article:

Unless the offer is a one-year contract for a few million bucks, perhaps with some incentives built in, the Dodgers should stay away from the Vicente Padilla sweepstakes.  Otherwise, he is a bad gamble.

Back then (a month ago) we didn't know how much the Dodgers needed to gamble. Given the alternatives it might be the best gamble if the price is right. I'll probably find that someone just offered him $10 Million after saying we should do $4 Million but at $4 Million do you think it would be a bad gamble? No health issues, plenty of innings, and we all look better when standing next to him.

We don't need any rants about how McCourt sucks because we are bargain hunting.  Work with what we have not with what we'd like to have if our budget was 2008 not 2009.