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The Juan Pierre era comes to an end

thus putting the final touches on one of the Ned Colletti's worst deals as the Dodger GM. It is the deal that set many against him before he even got started.

The lightning rod Juan Pierre has probably had the largest effect on the current financial state of the team than any other player. When his first year was complete it was apparent to Ned that he was not the center fielder they envisioned when they gave him that five year deal. So they went out and got what they thought was the answer in center field in Andruw Jones. To say the least that did not pan out either. Pierre was moved to LF to make room for Andruw and he was also found wanting in LF so Ned then went out and completed his best deal when he acquired Manny to play LF and slide Juan into the role of fourth outfielder. While Ned was playing free agent center fielder, the best center fielder turned out to be an internal option whom they finally turned to when Andruw Jones failed.

During his time with the Dodgers, Juan Pierre has been a good Dodger if not the most productive one. For one month he gave us the unforeseen Beast Mode but most of the time he did exactly what he'd always done. He played hard, he stole bases, he ran the bases extremely well, was rarely hurt, hit for some average, didn't get on base at a very high clip, didn't have much of an arm, didn't play center field very well given his speed. He was exactly as advertised, the only problem with that is that he was paid much to much for what he did.

His value has always been right about 1/2 of the contract the Dodgers gave him. The Dodgers will continue to pay for that mistake this year and next but the White Sox will be getting a fairly valued Left Fielder.

I wish Juan Pierre nothing but good will as he can now begin his quest again for 2,000 hits.

The Dodger roster keeps growing with players we are paying to not be Dodgers. WIth the news from Eric that the Dodgers will be paying $7 Million for him to play with the White Sox the Dodgers are now paying $17 Million toward players not on the roster in 2010.

2010: $17,590,000

Juan Pierre: $7,000,000
Andruw Jones: $3,200,000 (deferred salary)
Nomar Garciaparra: $1,125,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Jason Schmidt: $2,625,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Will Ohman: $200,000 (option buyout)
Orlando Hudson: $$1,440,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Randy Wolf: $2,000,000

Possible Players Acquired, with scouting reports by Baseball HQ:

12. Jon Link RHP.....26.....2005 (26) Virginia Commonwealth by San Diego Padres

Team (LG)         W-L ERA    IP  CMD  K/9  oppBA 
============== === ==== ===== ==== ==== =====
Charlotte (IL) 1-2 3.99 56.1 2.4 10.5 256
MLE 1-2 5.67 56.1 2.0 9.2 292
Strengths: Plus 88-94 MPH fastball. Hard slider. Changeup. Pitch movement.
Weaknesses: LHH. FB command. Control. Inconsistent slider.
Comments: Powerful reliever has closing experience and could evolve into legitimate late-innings option in Majors. Possesses three average to above average offerings with sinker, SL, and CU. Erratic mechanics and release point hinder control and needs to set up piches better.
2010 MLB Role: Short reliever
Potential Rating: 7B

14. John Ely RHP.....23.....2007 (3) Miami-OH

Team (LG)         W-L ERA    IP  CMD  K/9  oppBA 
============== === ==== ===== ==== ==== =====
Birmingham (SL) 14-2 2.82 156.1 2.5 7.2 241
MLE 14-2 3.86 156.1 2.0 6.2 274
Strengths: Plus curveball. 87-92 MPH fastball. Groundballer. Strong frame. Aggressiveness. Deception.
Weaknesses: Changeup. Stiff arm action. Effort in delivery.
Comments: Short and strong pitcher with fringe-average velocity, but keeps hitters off-balance with sinking changeup. Complements moving fastball with plus curveball and mixes pitches well. Commands plate and induces groundballs, but doesn't dominate. Effort in delivery may lead to durability issues.
2010 MLB Role: Middle reliever
Potential Rating: 7C