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Juan Pierre Dodger Blog Links


Pierre's departure is good for the Dodgers | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times
Juan Pierre has been traded, and Dodger fans should be happy. I know not every Dodger fan will feel this way, but it's really this simple. The Dodgers just got paid nearly $10 million for a bench player. It's impossible...

Farewell to Juan Pierre: Part One " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness

Still waiting for SOSG to weigh in.

Now for an interesting column:

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Time To Reconsider Ned Colletti? This is the same blogger who once had a blog called "Fire Ned Colletti".

And the big news that is being swept under the table is that the DDB (Dodger Divorce Battle) goes in full swing today. Check out for the latest.

Dodger Divorce: All is quiet...