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The "Rock" should roll into the HOF

My favorite writer Joe Posnanski is at it again making the case for Tim Raines as a HOF. Having watched Tim Raines play baseball and Bert Blyleven thow a baseball I'm befuddled by the lack of respect HOF voters have had for their talents up to now. Granted on base skills are still not appreciated by those who vote for the HOF but you'd think being the greatest stolen base threat percentage wise in baseball history would resonate with the HOF voters. Given how quick they have been to decry the careers of the those tainted with steroid use you would think a player from the pre steroid era who put up numbers eerily similar to first ballot Tony Gwynn  would resonate with the HOF voters. You'd think, but you'd be wrong so far.

1. Tim Raines, 808 steals, 84.6%
2. Willie Wilson, 668 steals, 83.4%
3. Davey Lopes, 557 steals, 83.0%
4. Joe Morgan, 689 steals, 81.0%
5. Vince Coleman, 752 steals, 80.9%
6. Rickey Henderson, 1,406 steals, 80.8%
7. Ozzie Smith, 580 steals, 79.7%
8. Kenny Lofton , 622 steals, 79.5%
9. Paul Molitor, 504 steals, 79.5%
10. Luis Aparicio, 506 steals, 78.8%