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Russell Martin Is No Longer Like Bobby Grich

In November I wrote a story on the similarity scores for Dodger players as listed by  In the comments, Phil Gurnee thought it odd that Russell Martin had non-catchers in his list and when I double-checked the formula, it didn't make sense to me either, so I filed a bug report with baseball-reference.  They agreed that there was a bug and fixed it; score one for Phil.

I finally got around to checking the new lists and the only changes are to the lists of similar players for Russell Martin, Casey Blake, and Rafael Furcal.  The corrected lists appear below.  The first link above is to the original article, which now contains the corrected tables as well as the original incorrect ones.  I just couldn't bear to erase something linking Russell Martin to Bobby Grich.


Corrected Tables
Russell Martin, Age 26 Casey Blake, Age 35 Rafael Furcal, Age 31
Similar Player Similarity Score Similar Player Similarity Score Similar Player Similarity Score
Thurman Munson 966 Aaron Boone 938 Craig Biggio 934
Sammy White 956 Melvin Mora 930 Jay Bell 921
Ray Fosse 942 Jim Hickman 911 Tony Fernandez 910
Ed McFarland 941 Dave Hollins 910 Ray Durham 900
Rich Gedman 933 Charlie Maxwell 909 Barry Larkin 895
Yadier Molina 932 Jim Lemon 908 Cristian Guzman 893
Benito Santiago 932 Mel Hall 907 Herman Long 887
Jack Clements 930 Hoot Evers 905 Orlando Cabrera 885
Tim McCarver 926 Jay Payton 903 Lou Whitaker 885
Bob O'Farrell 926 Kevin Millar 902 Frankie Crosetti 885