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TBLA Holiday Song Contest

If you are like me you have spent the last week listening to Holiday Music and several of those songs just won't give you any peace.  Right now my nervous brain system is being bombarded with "gone away is the bluebird" from Winter Wonderland.  For some background on Holiday music check out Joe Posnanski's discussion about Holiday Music.  To counter the music in my head I've decided to write my own little parody of Winter Wonderland and it blows.

I suspect we have some talented lyricists among our readers, so I'm tasking you with coming up with the best parody of a Holiday song that has something about the Dodgers replacing key parts of the song.  Your prize will be the adoration of the TBLA nation and dinner with Weird Al Yankovic. Hopefully no one will be offended by this, if you are just remember I'm talking about "Holiday Music" not Religious Music.

To help you get started here is a  link to many Holiday song lyics.


Surely you can beat this:

Dodger bells ring
are you listening 
at the Ravine
tears are glistening 
A beautiful sight
were happy tonight
walking in a Dodger wonderland

Gone away are the blue men
here to stay are some new men
We miss the old team
as we go along
walking in a Dodger wonderland

On the field we can bulid a new team
For the Holidays, we will sign a halladay
You'll say, can we afford him
we'll say: No man, but we can defer him
when he's in town
he can do the job

Later on
we'll conspire
as we dream by the fire
To face unafraid
the plans that we've made
walking in a Dodger wonderland

In the press box, we can dream of a new team
built with gold, We'll have lots of fun
even if we have to use the Fuller man's trust fund
we will find a way to get it done

When it snows
ain't it thrilling
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play
the Lasorda way
walking in a Dodger wonderland
Walking in a Dodger wonderland
walking in a Dodger wonderland