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Report: Dodgers Interested in Pineiro

Buster Olney of ESPN reported this morning that the Dodgers are interested in Joel Pineiro:

Heard this: The Dodgers, who desperately need some help for their rotation, are in the chase for Joel Pineiro, who is the best starting pitcher in the market. The Mets and Angels have already been in the mix for the right-hander.

Pineiro had a fine season with the Cardinals, despite not striking out anyone, because he also limited home runs and walks better than just about anyone else.  Of the 78 starting pitchers with enough innings to qualify for the ERA title, Pineiro was first in BB/9, fifth in HR/9, and 75th in K/9.  Pineiro was also a groundball specialist, leading the majors by inducing grounders with 60.5% of his balls in play.

If the Dodgers wanted the Reds to pick up $10 million of the $15 million due Aaron Harang, in addition to dumping the potential $4 million of George Sherrill, as reported, just how much can the Dodgers afford in year one of any type of a contract?  Will Pineiro take a heavily back-loaded contract with other suitors out there?  More importantly, is he even the type of pitcher worth giving a multi-year contract?  For my money, if the Dodgers are going to sign a low-strikeout pitcher, give me Jon Garland over Pineiro every day of the week.

But enough with all this low-strikeout talk.  Let me cleanse your palette with this list, the highest career K/9 rates in the 126-year history of the Dodgers.

Pitcher IP K K/9
Frank Wurm 0.1 1 27.00
Jose Nuñez 7.1 11 13.50
Sid Fernandez 6.0 9 13.50
Bruce Brubaker 1.1 2 13.50
Mal Malette 1.1 2 13.50
Jonathan Broxton    317.0 420 11.92
Takashi Saito 189.2 245 11.63
Jim Romano 6.1 8 11.37
Gary Rath 3.1 4 10.80
Jeff Hamilton 1.2 2 10.80
Mike Trombley 23.1 27 10.41
Eric Gagne 545.1 629 10.38
Hong-Chih Kuo 205.1 236 10.34
Scott Elbert 25.2 29 10.17
John DeSilva 5.1 6 10.13
Troy Brohawn 11.2 13 10.03

Jeff Hamilton could really bring it, but he was no Frank Wurm!