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The All-Time LA Dodger Team: The Righty Setup Man

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All-Time Bullpen: Closer | Fireman

In our closest vote since the leadoff position, Ron Perranoski has edged Steve Howe for the coveted "fireman" role. That gives our bullpen some balance, as we are now guaranteed to have an equal number of righties and lefties.

All-Time LA Dodger Bullpen

No Player Pos
38 Eric Gagne
16 Ron Perranoski
RH Setup
LH Setup

The criteria for being a setup man on our list is pitching in 200 games in relief and accumulating less than 50 saves. Here are the candidates, with their stats as LA Dodgers:

Closer Years Gms IP W-L Saves ERA+ WHIP
Tim Crews
1987-1992 281 423.2 11-13 15 103 1.308
Bob Miller 1964-1967 275 597.2 29-33 24 104 1.231
Jim Gott 1990-1994 272 340.0 19-22 38 123 1.338
Antonio Osuna
1995-2000 265 327.0 24-21 10 122 1.229
Giovanni Carrara
01-02,04-06 249 333.0 24-11 4 121 1.246
Jonathan Broxton
2005-2008 235 241.0 12-10 19 148 1.220
Larry Sherry
1958-1963 232 505.2 34-25 39 111 1.389
Alejandro Pena*
1981-1989 209 320.2 15-18 32 130 1.204

*Pena's stats are as a reliever only, since he was a full-time starter for two plus seasons. Larry Sherry and Bob Miller were both on the "fireman" lists, but after further research they both played more of a setup role more often.

Eric's Pick

I really thought we would have a better group of players to choose from here, but I guess not. I'm tempted to go with the winning pitcher of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, but I have to go with the only current player on our list, Jonathan Broxton. Even though he is now the closer (a role he clearly deserves), up until now he has been the best right-handed setup man in LA Dodger history.

Phil's Pick

Broxton is also my choice. Here is a list of the best seasons by ERA+ for this category. Two noteworthy right handed setup man who did not quite make Eric's criteria were Paul Quantrill and our own Guillermo Mota. Brian Holton played a big part in the 1988 World Championship team. This years bullpen will have two of our top single season ERA+ RHP setup man with Mota and Wade on the team. If Eric had relaxed the criteria I'd have gone with Quantrill who was truly outstanding during his brief stint as the Dodger setup man.