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Ned Colletti on "The Herd"

Dodgers' GM Ned Colletti was a guest on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio this morning.

Some highlights:

  • Colletti said, "in the job that we have as general managers, I would say [steroids] one of the top four or five issues we have to try and figure out when you're signing players."
  • Colletti said he hasn't seen anyone better than Boras at getting the most money for his players.  As far as the players ending up where they wanted to go, it might be a different story.
  • Colletti has had some heated discussions with Scott Boras, but "none this fall or winter."
  • The Dodgers would love to have Manny back (ownership, front office, manager, etc), but the deal has to make sense.  Colletti noted the two offers to Manny were the highest in the history of the franchise (presumably he meant by average annual value)
  • When prompted, Colletti expressed concern about the economy and the effect on baseball fans and revenue.
  • At the end of the interview, Cowherd asked Colletti if he had a gut feeling whether Manny would be a Dodger or not, Colletti said, "I can't handicap that in ten seconds or ten minutes.  I can tell you we're trying."

Overall, it was a pretty vanilla interview.

Download the entire hour here (MP3).  (Colletti comes on at about the 24 minute mark)