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Moving On Once again

I don't have anything to add about the Arod issue that Joe Posnanski does not cover in this post.

But the way I saw it: This was a moment of character testing for Alex Rodriguez. He had been exposed. A shadow was cast over his baseball brilliance. This wasn’t Selena Roberts fault. It was his own. Now, the question is: How will you react when you are tested? Will you stand up? Even now, I don’t have those same strong feelings that others have about A-Rod using steroids, no, but I can tell you I’m way to the right on this spectrum. I don’t like liars. I don’t like bullies. More than anything, I think the A-Rod interview was a test of the man’s character. And I think he failed that test miserably.

For brief moments I care that I can't look at my beautiful statistics and determine who played fair and who didn't. It doesn't last long because the number one rule for me about baseball is this.  It is simply a game that I've chosen to lose myself in and what is fair or not fair is never easily defined. 

 For some reason when President Obama answered a question about Arod on Monday Night, that did bug me.  I wish he had brushed it aside or at least put it in context by answering it thusly.

Baseball is just a game, we have two wars, our soldiers are committing suicide at a faster rate then they are dying in combat, our best minds of Wall Street decided to use their gifts for greed instead of good, our economy is at a standstill, our debt is exploding, Austrailia is burning, every day brings another crisis, and so I say to you, the American People, that what Alex Rodriquez did in 2003 is of little concern to this adminstration. The shortcutters of our world have left me with enough to do that what  Alex Rodriguez did six years ago does not occupy my thoughts.