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Blake DeWitt Community Projections

If you haven't posted your thoughts for the following Dodger projections, take a moment to participate by clicking on the True Blue Community Projections and let us know what you think the future holds for 2009.

Blake DeWitt is up.






.252 .264










Some very negative projections. The best of the lot comes from Pecota but I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that what we saw from DeWitt was some real growth. He had a strange year after being plucked from AA to start opening day at 3rd base. He filled the job adequately in April but took off in May and then slammed into the wall in June/July and was sent packing to AAA. He returned as a 2nd baseman and proceeded to mash the ball for a 2nd baseman. His defensive skills at 2nd are still in question but this projection is about his offense.

His splits are interesting. He only hit home runs in two months, May and Sept. The best part about his Sept was that his BABIP was only .290 as compared to the .343 that fueled his May. The big story about DeWitt in Sept was the power (5 home runs) and the plate discipline (18 walks). No one thinks he can maintain that but they also don't think he can do what he did in April/May and seem to be focused on how bad he was in June/July. Being an optimist about Blake I'm going to blow the forecasts away with my projection.