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Casey Blake Community Projection

If you haven't posted your thoughts for the following Dodger projections, take a moment to participate by clicking on the True Blue Community Projections and let us know what you think the future holds for 2009.

Casey Blake is up.

Casey Blake





           .270            .261










This is what we are paying 5 million for? It is not like he makes it up in the defensive side as he's a below average defensive 3rd baseman. At one time I thought the Blake deal made sense but if we are going after Hudson or Cabrera to play 2nd then it makes no sense since DeWitt would have as much value as Blake once you calculate in the defense. If we put this lightweight into LF I don't see how he's any better then Pierre unless they are platooned.

I think he peaked in the 1st half last year and we will get the downside.