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Updated Draft Order

Unless some unexpected team swoops in and signs Manny Ramirez, the Dodgers will not pick in the 2009 draft until the 36th pick.  Here is an updated look at the potential sandwich draft order (bold players have already signed):

33) Mariners (Ibañez – A)
34) Rockies (Fuentes – A)
35) D-Backs (Hudson – A)
36) Dodgers (Manny – A)
37) Blue Jays (Burnett – A)
38) White Sox (Cabrera – A)
39) Brewers (CC – A)
40) Angels (Tex – A)
41) D-Backs (Cruz – A)
42) Dodgers (Lowe – A)
43) Brewers (Sheets – A)
44) Angels (K-Rod – A)
45) Reds (Affeldt – B)
46) Royals (Grudzielanek – B)
47) Rangers (Bradley – B)
48) D-Backs (Lyon – B)
49) Pirates (for failure to sign 2008 #48 pick Tanner Scheppers)

50) Twins (Reyes – B)
51) Brewers (Shouse – B)
52) Red Sox (Byrd – B)
53) Angels (Garland – B)

I don't expect the injured Ben Sheets to sign anywhere before the draft, so that pick likely will go away.  The Dodgers get the Braves' second round pick as compensation for signing Derek Lowe.  The Braves pick 7th, so the lowest that pick will be is #60.  The highest that pick will be (if the remaining Type A/Bs all return to their former teams or don't sign before June) is #53.

With Orlando Hudson joining the Dodgers, the D-Backs are now looking at three of the first 35 picks (#16, #17, and #35) and four of at most the first 48 picks.  Plus, if Juan Cruz signs elsewhere, they will add two more picks.