The 50-Walk Challenge


Back in December, in my debut post for True Blue LA, I challenged every member of the Dodgers everyday lineup to walk at least 50 times. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if that is the minimum for all eight guys in the lineup the group will walk a lot as a whole. My lineup includes Manny, of course, and did include Blake DeWitt. With the inclusion of Orlando Hudson, my challenge still stands: all eight starters need 50 walks or higher. If that happens, I will donate $100 to Think Cure. Here are Hudson's walk rates in each of the last three years: 2008: 1 walk every 11.38 PA 2007: 1 walk every 8.59 PA 2006: 1 walk every 10.66 PA Total: 1 walk every 9.98 PA So basically Hudson should have no problem getting his 50 walks if he gets at least 500 PA. Getting that many plate appearances of course will push Hudson a long way toward achieving all the incentives in his contract. All those details aren't yet available, except that the maximum will be reached with 600 PA. I will gladly pay $8 million for 600 PA of Hudson. With Manny, this offense has the potential to score at least 800 runs. Believe it.