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True Blue, what it is and isn't

With the multitude of excellent Dodger Blogs available every reader here has a choice to visit or not. Our challenge every single day is to make our information useful and enjoyable for all the Dodger fans who visit our site but we may not succeed with every post or every comment.   As I wrote a year ago Dodger Blogs are like a community block with various bars shelling out the same schtick but engaging the patrons with something that made each of them unique.   Since I wrote that little piece, Jon has replaced the K Brothers and more Dodger blogs have shown up.  No one can beat what Kensai is doing over at Fire Ned Colletti when it comes to writing up the prospects but all the Dodger blogs mentioned on the left side bar bring something to the table.

I don't really care what kind of Dodger fan you are as long as you respect the opinions and writings of the writers and commentators  who take the time to post here. At one time the main goal of this site was to promote and educate a sabremetric view of baseball related to Dodger baseball but  Andrew has come and gone.  That is now but one goal of True Blue but I'm not the writer to advance that goal. Andrew was an expert at all things sabremetric but he's gone.  So we change the goals using the skills of the writers we have.

As we move forward True Blue will not only address the sabremetric view with Eric at the forefront of that vision but we expect to deal with the rich LA Dodger history, daily Dodger information, stove league dealing,  the prospects, and most of all the games our boys in blue actually play on the field.   Whatever made you a Dodger fan and brings you to True Blue, subjective opinions will not be considered valueless even if they run contrary to the numbers.  That doesn't mean I don't expect debate about those opinions but they are not valueless. If Maury Wills was the best lead off hitter you saw after watching the Dodgers for 47 years then by all means we will debate that opinion but we will do it in a respectful way.  In our recent poll to decide the best LA Dodger lineup Maury Wills won the right to sit on top of that batting lineup. Neither Eric or I agreed with that decision but for the many of you who watched Maury Wills play and decided you wanted him in your lineup it was a decision we respected. We did our best to show who each of us thought was the best option, the majority decided otherwise. 

If you have a problem with that don't drop by our blog. If you want to correct our opinions based on incorrect application of numerical analysis that is welcome as we are still learning new things. But if you can't make your point without being an arrogant asshole then don't bother because the last thing I want is our readers to be afraid to state an opinion because someone thinks he needs to be the Hall Monitor of righteousness.  This is baseball and everything is debatable here. If you think Baseball Prospectus has gimmicky stats that is just an opinion and not a fact. So don't act like it is a fact.  If I don't trust defensive metrics that is an opinion not a fact but I will continue to state opinions here until I'm replaced.

Big things are going to be happening at SBNation in the very near future and True Blue is excited to be part of it. If you choose to join SBNation and become a member of True Blue we welcome you. All opinions are welcome here. We may disagree,  we may debate, and some opinions may get changed based on the information exchanged but the main goal is that we talk about the Dodgers and enjoy our team.