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Winter is Over, 1st Intrasquad Game

Press Telegram's Diamond Leung will be doing a play by play chat during the 1st intra-squad game starting at around 10:30 AM and all eyes will be on Jason Schmidt as he takes the mound hoping to become the front runner for the number five spot in the rotation.

A healthy, productive Schmidt would be a sight for sore eyes for Dodger fans but misery for the boatload of veteran pitchers hoping to get a shot at that 5 spot. Will he finally pay off in year three of his $47 Million dollar deal? Even if he passes this hurdle no one will be sighing a sigh of relief until we actually see him get through spring training and pitching in Chavez Ravine. 

While Orlando Hudson did pass the physical he says he's not 100 percent so Torre will be watching him to see how he can handle the rigors of playing 2nd base.

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