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1963 Dodgers win first Chavez Ravine World Championship

If you are depressed after listening to the Presidents speech, Dodger fans can cheer up by going into the way back machine tonight at 07:30 and watch the highlights as the 1963 Dodgers whip the Yankee's in four straight on the MLB Network. 

This was the first World Championship for the team who called Chavez Ravine home and it might have been the sweetest. Futile attempt after futile attempt to beat the Yankee's as the Brooklyn Dodgers they finally accomplished the task in 1955 only to lose in 7 games in 1956.

In 1962 they were denied the joy of beating the Yankee's by getting shutout the last two games of the regular season thus forcing a playoff against the Giants. They lost the 3 game playoff and then the Giants did what they do best, lose in the World Series. While some felt the 1962 team was superior to the 1963 team, it is the 1963 team behind Sandy Koufax, Podres, and Drysdale who put the kibitz kibosh on the Yankee bats. Much like the Dodger bats in the 1966 World Series the Yankee bats came up empty time after time.

The Dodgers didn't exactly bust out their bats as ex friend Al Downing and Ball Four author Jim Bouton did their best but it was not good enough. Bouton did as good as you could do and still lose. Some only remember him as knuckleballer but before he blew his arm out he could pitch with the best of them.  Big D beat him 1 - 0 when Gilliam parlayed a walk, wild pitch, and Tommy Davis single into the only run of the game.

Most highlight shows are not very good and I've never seen this one but I have high hopes of watching Ford/Koufax, Downing/Podres, and Bouton/Drysdale duel.