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Russell Martin Community Projection

If you haven't posted your thoughts for the following Dodger projections, take a moment to participate by clicking on the True Blue Community Projections and let us know what you think the future holds for 2009.


Next up is Russell Martin. At the all-star break last year he already seemed destined to join the great Los Angeles backstop tradition,  but his power deserted him (336 Slug%), and for some of us it also looked like his defense dropped in the 2nd half thus marring his all-star season. As he enters camp he's funny, happy, and getting laid while talking about maturing.  Last year I evoked the MVP word when talking about Martin but was premature. Maybe I was just a year to early or maybe the best has already come and gone. He wouldn't be the first backstop to see his best years before the age of 26.

Russ Martin





           .293            .293










How about those THT and BP projections. Who peeked at the other? They both look remarkably like the 1st half splits for Russ in 2008.