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We defer to Manny

Deferred money seems to be the hangup according to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times  and based on the numbers being thrown around it should be.

Why would anyone take seriously an offer of 25 Million if 15 Million is deferred? If Frank can't afford Manny he played his cards wrong and should just have reeled in Dunn with the money he can afford. Don't pretend to be a big player if you aren't. Deferred money is one thing deferring over 1/2 the salary is something entirely different. I was guessing that maybe 5 Million might be deferred, I expect most of us were a bit shocked when we saw the report saying 15 Million would be deferred and that was just for 2009.

I don't mind Manny not playing LF for us, but I sure regret that it might end up being Pierre when plenty of better affordable options existed.

Manny is not Hudson/Wolf/Blake mediocre talent who had to take a huge cut in pay because they are part of the pack of mediocre talent that inhabits baseball. Manny is not part of the pack and McCourt should not have expected him to play baseball in 2009 for 10 Million. Some of you might say who cares how much is deferred when you've earned  millions but I expect you'd care if you had a choice of earning 25 Million now or 10 Million with a bunch of money thrown in over the years? For one thing I'd be very leery about playing for an owner who can't really afford you and is basically putting out a mortgage to get you on the team. 

Once other owners realize the Dodger offer is basically Swiss cheese couldn't anyone come up with a deferred offer. How hard is it to pay a 25 Million dollar player 10 Million for one year and defer the rest?

I know Boras took some hits in the comments below and from Jim Lakely, LA Examiner but I don't see how he could have accepted this offer for his client. I'd publish this offer and let the other GM's know they don't exactly have to try hard to beat this candy ass offer. I'm not convinced this will be the best offer that Manny receives.