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Dodgers vs. Rockies: "Strike This [Guy] Out" Edition

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

Parts of my favorite sports movie ever, Major League, were filmed at Hi Corbett Field, site of today's spring tilt between the Dodgers and Rockies.

The Dodgers will run Logan's trio to the mound: Clayton Kershaw, James McDonald, and Scott Elbert. Just in case Clew Haywood comes to bat for the Rockies, the Dodgers also might pitch their newest acquisition:


Per Troy Renck of the Denver Post, pitching for the Rockies will be Jason Marquis, Jorge De La Rosa, Josh Fogg, Manuel Corpas, Alan Embree, and Jason Grilli.

More from Renck, here are today's lineups:

Dodgers Rockies
CF Kemp 2B Young, Jr.
SS DeWitt LF Podsednik
C Martin SS Tulowitzki
1B Pascucci DH Murton
LF Young C Torrealba
RF Paul 1B Ortmeier
DH Repko CF Gonzalez
2B Maza RF Colonel
3B Castro 3B Herrera

Perhaps Abreu's groin pull has brought the need to see if DeWitt can play SS. That's what spring games are for, and I'm sure Torre and the gang will do everything they can to find a place for Blake DeWitt on this club.

Also, I had no idea the Rockies picked up Matt Murton. Box Score