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Baseball Toaster Is Unplugged

Baseball Toaster creator Ken Arneson drops my jaw with this sign off post leaving me with no words to adequately  describe this verbal opus.   As you read page after page if you are like me you will be awestruck how he combined imagery,  prose, and the coolest radio dial to hit the blogosphere to weave a spellbinding story about his life. Don't scrimp, the post will take a good 1/2 hour of your time but it will be time will spent. I'm humbled what someone with  vision and talent can do in this medium.

I spent four years at the Baseball Toaster reading the stories of Jon Weisman, Josh Wilker , Ken Arneson,  and Alex Bleth,  while staying upto date on all the happenings in the sports world by Bob Timmermann. Using the Toaster as an intermediary I was able to develop friendships with intelligent people all over the world whose varied interest from baseball to cooking made each day fresh. Ken thinks he was a failure, his daily faithful readers beg to differ. If he was a failure why will we miss his creation so much?

They have all split up and moved onto greener pastures leaving the rest of us to scramble to keep up with the new digs. The Toaster has been unplugged and I have to turn the page, but it is a page I turn reluctantly.  The Toy Cannon was created on the toaster and it will fire no more.