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Who is This Year's Jesse Orosco?

Word came from Dodger camp that someone had some fun with James Loney this spring.  From Jim Peltz of the LA Times:

One day this spring, the Dodgers' James Loney saw his named circled on the list of players slated to travel the next day for a Cactus League game.

Loney dutifully showed up extra early the next morning and boarded the team bus. But the first baseman wasn't really scheduled for the trip -- an unknown teammate had circled his name as a prank.

When Loney got off the bus, "that was the maddest I've ever seen him," coach Larry Bowa said. "You're not supposed to do that in the clubhouse."

I can only hope this has the same good luck charm effect as 21 years ago, when new Dodger Jesse Orosco playfully put eye black in the cap of another new Dodger, Kirk Gibson.  Gibson stormed off the field after admonishing his new teammates:

When Gibson discovered the practical joke, he stormed off the field. "No wonder this team finished fourth last season," said Gibson, and the other Dodgers got the message. "He made it cool to care about winning," says Hershiser. "He made it cool to be aggressive and to hustle and work hard."

Of course, these things probably aren't as important as they are made out to be, but if Loney can emulate 1988 Kirk Gibson I'm all for it.  Not only that, but remember how well the Indians did after Roger Dorn tricked Rick Vaughn into thinking he was cut in spring training!

In other news, the Dodgers are off Wednesday, but Chad Billingsley will pitch in an intrasquad game to keep the rotation schedule in order.