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The Best Job in the World

When Phil Gurnee asked me in December to come aboard to write for True Blue LA, I was happy to accept.  I was a reader of the site for quite some time, a fan of Phil's writing as well as the sharp analysis of Andrew Grant.

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil and Andrew, and a slew of other Dodger fans, thanks to Jon Weisman's Dodger Thoughts, a site on which I was a frequent commenter.  Writing about the Dodgers was something I did quite often through the comments of Dodger Thoughts anyway, so why not make the leap to write more in long form here?  Joining True Blue LA was a nice Christmas present.

A couple of months back, I wrote an article about Hall of Famer and former Dodger Eddie Murray, and how he became my favorite player 19 years ago.  That article was inspired by a Christmas gift from my brother, a bottle of Eddie Murray 504 Cabernet Sauvignon (I finally drank the wine the other day, by the way -- it was pretty good, but perhaps a bit too sweet).  That story was one of the cool perks of joining True Blue LA, the ability to share a story based on my love of baseball.

That's why this site exists, of course:  love of baseball, and the Dodgers.  Without the love, we wouldn't have a reason to write anything about the Dodgers, and you as readers wouldn't have any reason to read it.  Through our passion for baseball, we have developed a strong community here at True Blue LA, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

One member of our community, who comments under the name Branch Rickey, shot me an email last month about the Eddie Murray article I wrote.  I had previously met Branch Rickey, and knew he happened to be friends with Murray.  Branch Rickey's email included the following words that I will remember for the rest of my life:

I told him about your post...and he appreciated it.

The smile on my face upon reading those words stretched from ear to ear.  It reminded me why I continue to write here about the Dodgers.  I wrote something from the heart, and the man who happens to be my all-time favorite player liked it.  Wow.  High praise indeed.  Oh yeah, I also got this in the mail:


I'm not much of an autograph collector, but with this I reverted back to my childhood days of wonderment and hero worship.  We're all fans at heart.  That got me thinking:  I'd like to hear from you, the reader, about why you are a Dodger fan.  How and when did you start following the team?  Who is your favorite Dodger of all-time? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

And thanks for reading my semi-coherent ramblings about the team and the sport I love.