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DeJesus Likely Out For Year

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

Dodger shortstop Ivan DeJesus, Jr., rated the #6 Dodger prospect by Baseball America, got injured in an awkward play at the plate in today's "B" game with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Per Tony Jackson:

Nothing like losing one of your top prospects in a morning B game. It appears to be his left ankle, or maybe his left knee. He got hurt in a play at the plate, Looked like he got caught between sliding and barreling into the catcher, couldn't make up his mind. He was down for several minutes before being hauled away on the cart. More when I know more.

Diamond Leung later reported that the news is as grim as possible:  DeJesus is likely out for the season:

Ivan DeJesus Jr. suffered a broken left tibia in today's "B" game and is likely out for the season.

Ugh.  Get better soon, kid.

UPDATE:  It gets even sadder, in a Richie Valens sort of way.  From Tony Jackson:

The worst part is, he was hoping to play for Puerto Rico in the WBC, but he didn't make the team. If he HAD made the team, he would have been thousands of miles away from Glendale this morning. Instead, he was here, breaking his leg in a home-plate collision.