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Quick weekend update

1. James McDonald finally saw the writing on the wall and realized that he could be the fifth starter if he got his stuff together. Boy did he ever as he threw 3 perfect innings after he walked the 2nd batter.

2. Josh Lindblom has pushed himself into the bullpen equation with another excellent performance on Friday night. Those of us with MLB.TV got to see him deliver some nasty stuff to the KC hitters. If he isn't on the team come April it appears it is just a matter of time before we see his stuff this summer.

3. As expected from the day he arrived in camp Shawn Estes was cut. The only downside of Estes being in camp was that he was taking innings from other pitchers. I hate to see the end of careers but I think Estes's major league career is at end, even though he doesn't seem to realize it. To his credit he did realize that going to our AAA team was not a good thing for him.

4. We heard some brief rumors that Juan Pierre might be headed to the White Sox. They still need a centerfielder and lead off hitter and Juan fits the bill but nothing happened and as of today he's still a Dodger.

5. Valentino Pascucci was also reassigned along with Hector Luna, Mitch Jones, Nick DeBarr, Stephen Randolph, and knuckleballer Charlie Haeger. Haeger is someone who might blossom under Hough. Pascucci would make a good option for a team who needs a RH platoon partner at 1st base. The Dodgers already have Loretta and Blake who can play 1st base so he didn't have much of a chance to stick.

6. Dodger Stadiujm should be rocking tonight when Korea and Japan tangle for the WBC 2009 championship.

7. Dodger Thoughts has the lowdown on the Peter O'Malley visit to Brooklyn via a first hand perspective of one of his readers.