Dodgers Optimized Lineup

I was reading Beyond the Box Score and came upon this post about Optimizing your Lineup.  Now I've never read The Book before and I'm really not an expert at Optimizing lineups but I think it would be fun to give it a try.  If it's popular enough we should get polls going like we did for the all time Dodger lineup.

1. Martin Highest OBP player not named Ramirez

2. Kemp Calling a breakout year for him

3. Furcal

4. Ramirez

5. Ethier

6. Hudson

7. Loney

8. Blake

9. We're not St. Louis we don't need a hitter here

I'd consider switching Kemp and Furcal but the rest I think looks good.  Unless we bat Hudson 9 and move everyone up 1 spot.



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