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The Old Wolf and the Young McDonald Community Projections

If you haven't posted your thoughts for the following Dodger projections, take a moment to participate by clicking on the True Blue Community Projections and let us know what you think the future holds for 2009.

Randy Wolf  was last seen pitching for the Dodgers on July 3rd, 2007 after signing a one year deal. Injury woes ended his 1st stint with the Dodgers but he is back for an encore in 2009 as he signs his 3rd straight one year contract. Not exactly what he envisioned after his scintillating stint with the Astro's at the end of 2008 but the Wolfpack at Dodger Stadium will be glad to have him back. He's one of the few pitchers to have pitched at my local high school (El Camino Real) so I've followed his whole career and was glad when we signed him in 2007. Hopefully he will add depth in 2009 but watching him crash in 2007 has left me with my doubts.

James McDonald appears to have won the 5th starter job. Many posters were upset to find out headed into spring training that McDonald was destined for the bullpen but that is why we don't pay attention to what they say but what they do. McDonald was lucky that the group of pitchers vying for the 5th spot was a motley group and he basically won the job by default. I'm not going to show any projections for McDonald because they basically have him in the bullpen. You are on your own.

 Below is what Baseball HQ had to say about Randy Wolf

Randy Wolf - From 2005 through 2007 he had just 240 IP, and then last year he totals 190 IP. That is a big jump, especially for someone who has a history of elbow problems (2004-2006) and reported shoulder soreness in 2007.

Wolf will likely be a solid middle rotation guy. He will be pitching in a friendlier park than Minute Maid, and probably have some more offensive support, but that is not as certain. You can expect strikeouts, double digit wins are likely, and possibly some time on the DL if the change in usage from 2007 to 2008 takes a toll.


Randy Wolf

4.79 4.39 4.60
WHIP 1.39 1.43
IP 172 145 174


Randy Wolf 169/4.54/1.37

James McDonald 113/4.73/1.45