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Today, The Game is Secondary

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

With the pending arrival of The Dreadlocked One, today's Dodgers-Giants tilt at Camelback Ranch seems like an afterthought. Today's game is available to view for free at, one of ten such games this spring.

Clayton Kershaw will face off against Barry Zito in the 12:05pm game.

Clayton Kershaw

#22 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Mar 19, 1988

Barry Zito

#75 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





May 13, 1978

Diamond Leung gives us today's lineups (late news from Tony Jackson: O-Dog scratched; Chin-Lung Hu taking his place at 2B):

Giants Dodgers
RF Winn SS Furcal
SS Renteria CF Pierre
LF Lewis DH Ethier
C Molina 1B Loney
3B Sandoval LF Major Kong
1B Ishikawa 3B DeWitt
CF Rowand 2B Hudson
2B Burriss C Ausmus
DH Aurilia RF Repko

The original lineup had Hudson batting 2nd and Pierre 7th. Box Score

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