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Deal of the century

I've been on record as saying the Dodgers would never sign Manny Ramirez as far back as last Sept. Now maybe if the economy hadn't tanked someone would have swooped in and given Manny the 4/100 he envisionsed when he walked off into the sunset but things happen and I was wrong.

If feels good to be wrong. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Dodgers could get Manny for $10 Million in actual cash payments in 2009. This is the deal of the century for the Dodgers. I cannot recall a player of Manny's caliber having to settle for  a one year deal with an option with so much deferred money.  Sure the price is high and we will pay that price with those deferred payments over the next few years but that doesn't seem like a bad price to pay for the piece that should enable us to play again this October.

Hopefully Manny will lead us to October riches and he can cash out to the AL when the Yankee's fall short once again of their goal. I'm hoping his hammy's  and knee's can stay healthy enough for 120 - 130 games in left field. Watching Juan Pierre caddy for him will not be so painfull since we know it will be a short term caddy.

Congratulations to Eric for being ever confident this deal would be consumated. I thought I'd get to say I told you so, but I'm more then happy to be on the receiving end this time.

Couple of takes on Manny from around the blogging world. Josh Q Public loves it for the Dodgers.  Beyond the Box Score gives us a historical graph on our new left fielder.