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RIP Sharon Rose

I'd just like to mention someone who died this past week who was only known by the students, parents, and fellow teachers she touched. They closed the school this afternoon so that everyone could attend her funeral. Every school has the one teacher who is the voice of the school and that voice for Woodlake Elementary was Sharon Rose, and it was a good strong voice. Only cancer could mute her voice, but what she taught will always have a voice within the students she taught and the teachers she worked with.

My wife taught with her over the last 13 years and Sharon was the excellent combination of a teacher who continued to work hard even after she knew the gig inside and out,  while still enjoying the job that burns out most teachers after just a few years. 

Most of you don't remember your 2nd grade teacher but enough of her ex students remembered her that every year they would come back to say hi and to thank her.  She will be sorely missed by those she already touched and by those who will not be lucky enough to have her tell them to open their books and minds as they settle in to their life long process of learning.