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When Bad Contracts Collide

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

Dodgers @ Rangers, 1:05pm

The Dodgers -- well, the ones that didn't stay behind for this morning's "B" game -- travel to Surprise to face the Rangers today. This game pits together perhaps the two worst contracts in Dodgers' history, in Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones, the latter now fighting for a spot with Texas.

Jason Schmidt

#29 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Jan 29, 1973

Schmidt's contract totals $47 million over three years, and has so far amounted to one win. At least he has a slight chance to make a contribution this year. With Jones, however, Dodger fans are forced to root for his success with Texas in order to recoup more salary since the Dodgers receive half of anything he makes with the Rangers this year.

Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts expertly summed up the Andruw Jones Dodger experience thusly:

Think about it: Over the past 12 months, Jones had a huge contract, a poor attitude, poor health and a poor performance. He stunk for the cycle. And for half the winter, we had every reason to expect more of the same in 2009.

It is quite nearly a miracle that Dodger fans will spend the rest of the spring enjoying the reality-tinged optimism surrounding Ramirez, instead of the sheer gloom of watching Jones try to resurrect his career with the very team that saw it self-destruct.

In today's game in Surprise, Schmidt will face "real" action (scrimmages and "B" games don't count) since June 6, 2007. Schmidt, according to Ken Gurnick of, will be followed by Claudio Vargas, Eric Milton, and Erick Threets.

Kevin Millwood -- remember when he was the next big thing with the Braves? -- starts on the mound for Texas.

Tony Jackson of the Daily News gives us today's Dodger lineup:

Xavier Paul RF
Blake DeWitt SS
James Loney 1B
Matt Kemp CF
Delwyn Young DH
Jason Repko LF
Juan Castro 3B
Chin-lung Hu 2B
A.J. Ellis C Box Score