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2009 Dodger Prediction Bracket: The Final Four

The 2009 Dodger Prediction Bracket is now down to the Final Four.

Remember, what you are voting on is:  Which of these teams is most like the 2009 Dodgers?


Here are the regional final matchups.  Be sure to click on each "game" to vote

Matchup #1

Campanis Region: 2004 (93-69, .574, 1st place NL West; 104 OPS+, 102 ERA+) vs.
Rickey Region: 1959 (88-68, .564, World Series Champs, 96 OPS+, 111 ERA+)

Matchup #2

Lasorda Region: 1963 (99-63, .611, WS Champs; 106 OPS+, 105 ERA+) vs.
Alston Region: 1956 (93-61, .604, lost World Series; 105 OPS+, 113 ERA+)

When voting in each poll, remember you are choosing which team most closely resembles the 2009 Dodgers.  Take into account the regular season record, postseason performance, and strength of offense and pitching. 

All of these teams made the World Series except the 2004 squad.  To me, the 1959 and 1956 teams are too pitching heavy to resemble the 2009 squad, but we'll let democracy decide.

Final Four voting will run through Saturday night.  The Championship matcup will follow shortly thereafter, and run through Opening Day, Monday night.