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DeWitt / Eovaldi Debut - Minor League Update April 14th

Blake Dewitt donned a 2nd base glove for the Isotopes while Nathan Eovaldi toed the mound for his professional start.

Got  clobbered 14 - 7 in Blake DeWitts 2009 debut. The prospects did their job with DeWitt going 1/3 with a walk, while Paul collected three more hits, and Hu got a meager single but kept his average above .400. DeWitt played 2nd base with Maza moving to 3rd. Luna appears to be the odd man out.  Hard to pitch any worse then Pinango did, giving up 11 runs in three plus innings. One old relief pitcher to keep an eye on is Scott Strickland who hasn't pitched in the majors since 2005. He came back from arm surgery to pitch in AAA last year and did a credible job. He's strictly insurance but someone to keep an eye on if anything happens to our RH relief pitchers. Last night he threw 2 hitless innings with three strikeouts.

Chattanooga Lookouts:
The Lookouts took their queue from the Isotopes and also got clobbered 9 -1 as Jesus  Castillo and Mathew Sartor took the brunt of the offense avalanche the Tampa Bay affiliate inflicted. Brent Leach staunched the flow with three scoreless innings. On the offensive side Lambo got one hit  to extend his season opening hit streak to six games. Going back to last year I think Lambo has hit in every game at AA but I'll have to check. Jamie Hoffman continues his hot start with two hits raising his average to .381.

Inland Empire 66ers
Strange day for the 66ers as Greg Miller and Justin Orenduff both pitched in relief and did the job. A year ago both of these pitchers were on the cusp of making the major league roster and now they are pitching for their professional lifes in A league ball. Miller struck out the only batter he faced while Orendfuff gave up one hit in getting his two outs. The team lost 3 - 2 in a hard fought game when Bastardo ran out of gas in the 6th inning after throwing five shutout innings. With two on and two out Pfeiffer gave up a three home run to Pellengrini.  Preston Mattingly started off the season 0 - 8 but has gone 6 / 14 since then. Van Slyke got his first two hits of the year so the legend boys are putting some wood on the ball.

Great Lake Loons
Nathan Eovaldi got out of the 1st inning without giving up a run relatively unscathed and Pedroza hit a two run triple in the bottom of the first and that was the last of the good news for the night. Eovaldi the last of the heralded fearsome fivesome showed that he's got a long way to go but being only 19 he has plenty of time to get there. Hugh with the latest Loon news