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Dodgers Host Rockies On Fox

The Dodgers, fresh off a thrilling comeback win over the Rockies to extend their winning streak to six games, get right back to action with a day game, 12:40pm today on Fox. Dick Stockton and Eric Karros (who "listens to the blogs") will be calling this afternoon's contest.

What can you say about Jonathan Broxton's performance so far, other than "Wow!"? He has faced 21 batters, and gotten 20 of them out, 11 by strikeout. Jon Weisman, as usual, provided the voice of reason on Dodger Thoughts (with the wonderful headline "Brox Knocks Socks Off"):

Broxton blew some games last year, and make no mistake, he'll blow some games this year. Because everyone does.

But I sure hope more Dodgers fans are appreciating what they have in this pitcher. He was the beast's knees tonight.

Manny Ramirez didn't extend his walk streak (sorry for the jinx), but he did get his first RBI of the winning streak. Ramirez still doesn't have a home run, and his 11-game homerless streak is the third longest of his career to start the season. However, thanks to the walks, Manny has been reasonably productive, much better than his two longer season-starting homerless droughts:

Year Games HR BA/OBP/SLG
2006 16 0 .259/.403/.278
2007 13 0 .191/.296/.213
2009 11 0 .278/.469/.361

Chad Billingsley returns to the mound for the first time since his dominating home opener against the Giants. Billingsley has the inside track for Dodger Pitcher of the Week honors over perhaps more dominant Clayton Kershaw, if only because Billingsley will have one more start than Kershaw. That's the breaks, kid; go get 'em next week.

Opposing the Dodgers on the mound will be Aaron Cook, the Rockies' ace. I don't mean this as a slight at all to Cook, who has had a very successful career, but sometimes I look at him and wonder how he gets anybody out! He doesn't strike anybody out; his career best K/9 was 4.09 last season, and Jonathan Broxton has had two seasons with more total strikeouts than Cook's career high of 96, also last season. However, Cook doesn't walk anybody and he's very stingy with the home run, an amazing feat for someone who pitches half their games at Coors Field. Cook reminds me of Kirk Reuter in a way, which I think is a compliment.

Russell Martin and Rafael Furcal are expected to rest in today's day game following a night game, meaning Brad Ausmus and recently recalled Blake DeWitt will get starts today.

Be sure to get your guesses for today's final score and winning pitcher by clicking here.

Little known fact, which I just learned courtesy of ESPN: When Jackie Robinson died, Rachel Robinson called Bill Russell (not the Dodgers SS) and asked him to be a pallbearer at Jackie's funeral. Russell was floored, and said "Sure," but asked why. Rachel then told Russell that he was Jackie's favorite athlete. Kind of cool.

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