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Dodger Poetry in our midst


She is crashing down from the sky; mass times acceleration, a shooting star at mission completion. She is in our heads, she is in our astonishment, she is in our incredulous joy, she has broken into our ever-loving, un appeasable souls, and exploded.

She is ...


Eric Stephen will be doing the definitive True Blue review of Jon Weisman's book 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die but I asked him to let me write a snippet about this part of the book because I was so moved by his words.

In Chapter Two Jon writes about Vin Scully and how he's a artist with the ability to paint a game. Instead of me trying to dully describe what Jon says about Vinny how about I give you his own words.

...his voice is a cozy quilt on  a cold morning, a cool breeze on a blistering day; that he's more then someone you listen to, that he's someone you feel.

It was chapter five that sealed the deal for me. The quote at the top of the page is just a part of of several paragraphs that left me mesmerized as Jon describes Gibby's home run in a whole new way. When I finished that chapter before I put the book down to be completed on another day. I wanted to savor his words, so I read chapter five aloud to my wife, and while doing so could feel my voice breaking with the emotion of the beauty of his description of what is arguably the greatest Dodger moment in our memories.

I've finished the book but chapter five alone is worth the book. The title suggests a fluff book  but it is anything but a fluff book. In someone else's hands this book might have been much less then what it is. In Jon's capable hands he will enlighten and entertain you about the team you love.  Anybody who calls themselves a Dodger fan should be ordering this book not only for themselves but for any and all of their Dodger friends and family. The paperback is the perfect companion to read between innings while watching the game on TV or even at the ballpark.