Game Score Contest - April 22nd

Enter your guess of the game score and winning pitcher. No one can replicate someone else's pick. If you pick the same score you must pick a different winning pitcher. At the end of the month, the owner of the most winning picks will win this book by  author Jon Weisman. Here is my review. Get your picks in.

Still no multiple winner. Just a note to protect my ass but if you all tie for 1st place you do not all get a copy of the book.

Game Winner Real Score WinningPick
April 7th Xeifrank Padres 4/2/Young Padres 3/2/Young
April 8th Phil Dodgers 5/2 Chad Dodgers 5/2 Chad
April 9th NoWinner
April 10th Brendan Arizona 9/4 Garland Arizona 6/4 Garland
April 11th MWhite Dodgers 11/2 Stults Dodgers 6/2 Stults
April 12th Wongy Dodgers 3/1 Wolf Dodgers 2/1 Wolf
April 14th Craig88USC Dodgers 11/1 Chad Dodgers 9/0 Chad
April 15th RutgersDodgerFan Dodgers 5/4 Broxton Dodgers 5/4 Wade
April 16th Eric Stephen Dodgers 7/2 Stults Dodgers 6/2 Stults
April 17th DodgerBlueBalls Dodgers 4/3 Mota Dodgers 4/3 Ohman
April 18th No Winner Dodgers 9/5 Chad
April 19th No Winner Dodgers 14/2 Elbert
April 21st No Winner Astros 8/5 Ortiz!@*
April 22nd Brendan Astros 6/5 Sampson Astros 7/4 Oswalt
April 23rd
April 24th
April 25th
April 26th
April 27th
April 28th
April 29th
April 30th

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