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So how does it feel to be on top of the world?

Sometimes research ruins a good story line. I started out expecting to find Billingsley on top of ERA+, Hudson on top of BA, and Manny on top of OBA but it isn't happening so I'm cherry picking my top of the world post.

After 16 games the Dodgers currently have the winningest pitcher in baseball thanks to Chad Billingsley's 4 wins. I wanted to say he had the best ERA+ but shockingly  he only ranks in the top ten with the likes of one Wandy Rodriguez a head of him.

Then we have the best closer in baseball where the minimum requirement was three saves.

 Orlando Hudson gave way to Carlos Beltran in the Batting Average race but 2nd will do for now. However the biggest shock is that Manny is  not on top of the world in OBA but is 2nd to Fred Lewis. Fred Lewis????