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OT: NFL Draft Thread

Today is one of the most important days of the year for NFL fans. The 2009 NFL Draft starts at 12PM, and teams will determine their future based on which players they decide to select. There will be future All-Pros seeing where they're going to spend most of their careers today. There will also be huge busts who set their franchises back for years (ie: Whoever the Raiders select).  It's pretty exciting, especially if you like making fun of Mel Kiper or playing drinking games. This is a Dodger blog, but come on, who doesn't like a little football? That's right, nobody. And Drew Magary of Deadspin perfectly captures the spirit of the draft with this headline. So, post all your draft related thoughts here, including your favorite team and who you want them to pick.

After the jump I reveal my long-awaited mock draft. Make sure to enter yours in the comments if you get a chance.

It's pretty much the law that whenever you talk about the draft you have to make a mock draft. So, I decided to do just that. Here's my predictions for the first round:

1. Lions: Matthew Stafford

2. Rams: Jason Smith

3. Chiefs: Eugene Monroe

4. Seahawks: Aaron Curry

5. Browns: Michael Crabtree

6. Bengals: B.J. Raji

7. Raiders: Darrius Heyward-Bey

8. Jags: Broncos trade up, pick Mark Sanchez

9. Packers:Tyson Jackson

10. Niners: Brian Orakpo

11. Bills: Andre Smith

12. Broncos: Jaguars trade down, pick Jeremy Maclin

13. 'Skins: Aaron Maybin

14. Saints: Malcolm Jenkins

15. Texans: Clay Matthews

16. Chargers: Michael Oher

17. Jets: Josh Freeman

18. Broncos: Rey Maualuga

19. Bucs: Larry English

20. Lions: Brian Cushing

21. Eagles: Knowshown Moreno

22. Vikings: Ebon Britton

23. Pats: Robert Ayers

24. Falcons: Evander "Ziggy" Hood

25. Dolphins: Everette Brown

26. Ravens: Percy Harvin

27. Colts: Peria Jerry

28. BIlls: Brandon Pettigrew

29. Giants: Kenny Britt

30. Titans: Darius Butler

31. Cardinals: Chris "Beanie" Wells

32. Steelers: Vontae Davis

First round time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

So that's it. We can make a little contest out of this if some people are willing to participate. Just post your mock first round and we'll see who can guess the most picks right. Correct answers will be based on the pick number, not on what team picks the player. So if you're like me and you think that the Broncos will trade up to #8 to pick Mark Sanchez then you put him down for pick #8. If the Jags keep the pick and select him there you still get the point. The tie-breaker is how long the first round lasts.

If you're too lazy to post the whole thing or don't know much about college football then at least put down your top 10. If you don't even know the top guys then get your life straightened out.

Plus, there are a couple of great prizes for the winner of the contest. First and foremost, the coveted "I'm Probably Better at Predicting Things Than Most ESPN Experts" title. (If you want to know how bad they are, click here and prepare to be horrified). Actually, this title goes to all contestants. Secondly, you get self-gratification and bragging rights. Third, you make me feel like I didn't waste my time making the mock draft. No one wants to hurt my feelings right? If you've read this far without changing the page you're obviously willing to waste your time anyways. What kind of person comes to a Dodger blog to read an NFL mock draft?

Okay, so it's settled then. Everyone should enter their mock drafts and enjoy what should be an exciting day for all football fans.