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After A Long Journey, The Dodgers Return Home

Once the Lights went down in San Francisco last night, ending the Dodgers' nine-game road trip, the Dodgers embarked on a trip home.  Well, most of the Dodgers anyway.  The club and Scott Elbert went their Separate Ways, with Elbert sent to Chattanooga as the Dodgers are ready to welcome back fresh-from-the-DL Cory Wade with Open Arms.

Hopefully, the return of Wade will bring some stability to the bullpen.  Eventually, I believe Hong-Chih Kuo's stuff will allow him to return to the 8th inning role, but it may be some time before Joe Torre will Faithfully rely on the lefthander. 

Last night's poor outing by Eric Stults may have accelerated the clamoring for a veteran starter.  But, if given the choice between retreads Eric Milton, Jeff Weaver, or Shawn Estes, and the pitchers currently on the roster, I'd prefer if Only The Young were on the Dodgers.  I don't care how many shutout innings the retread trio throws for Albuquerque; we already know what they are.  However, since Doug Mientkiewicz can be moved to the 60-day DL to open a spot on the 40-man roster, it seems inevitable that probably Milton or Weaver will soon be on the big club.

James McDonald will take the hill tonight, in what may be an audtion to stay in the rotation, to tell the club "Don't Stop Believin' in me."