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Trio of Terror - Lindblom/Withrow/Martin - Minor League Update 4/29

While the insurance men are throwing shutout innings in AAA the real work is being done in the low minors and so far the work being done is very encouraging for our future. Ethan Martin has not pitched more then five innings in any start so far but he's been just about unhittable in those five innings. Chris Withrow making up for lost time is becoming a K machine. Suffice to say that so far our last two number one picks are looking good. Josh Lindblom suffered his first real beating last week but to our relief he  bounced back Monday night with a solid effort.

Kensai has a more in depth look at who's doing what.

This time it was Shawn Estes's turn to bedevil the Zephyrs hitters with six shutout innings. Will any of the trio of retreads get another shot in the major leagues?Eric Milton was named player of the week not something that happens very often for Isotope pitchers. Milton_medium

Chattanooga Lookouts:
The Lookouts are hot after sweeping Huntsville Mon- Wed by the scores of 6 -3 with Lindblom winning Monday Night , 7 - 2 with Hoffman going 5 for 5 and finally 7 to 6 with Lambo hitting his 3rd home run.  Josh Bell has dropped off but Lambo and Hoffman continue to lead the offense. Hoffman continues to lead the league in OBP at .483 and his OPS is 2nd. Lindblom bounced back Monday night to pitch a solid game  after the beating he took last week while Victor Garate is taking well to the role of Loogy striking out 4 of the last six hitters he's faced and giving up zero hits in his last 4 appearances.

Inland Empire 66ers
Withrow won Tuesday Night 7 - 5 picking up for Wade after his one inning of rehab work. Withrow has now struck out 28 batters in only 19 innings of work while giving up just 13 hits.  On Wednesday Night Tix Sexton lost and predictably Scott Van Slyke has been hitless since True Blue profiled him on Sunday Night.

Great Lake Loons
 The Loons have lost every game this week but while the fans of the Loons may care about the wins and losses the only thing we really care about is how Ethan Martin is doing. On Tuesday night he made his fourth start and delivered another superlative performance. Four starts, 5 exact innings per start, 20 innings, 26 k's, only 12 hits. Gordon and Gallagher collected three hits a piece on both Monday and Wednesday night.