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Game Thread Fun

After a winter of analysis the games have begun and now we sit back and enjoy as the season unfolds before us.

Behind the Dodgers opening day win True Blue shattered the record for most hits/views in a single day with 2800/5200 respectively. For perspective, by the end of the week we will have passed what we did all of last year in April. Game Thread action was high and why not, it is like picking the best Dodger fans around the world and sitting with them as the action unfolds.

We welcome back the originals of Tango and Cash, Grabowski and appreciate Silverwidow, Mwhite, El Lay Dave, Bhsportsguy, Linix129, shooterm1,  Xeifrank, 68elcamino427 , prosellis , gyberoarke , EdfromAZ , wongy for pulling up a chair with us. I won't be able to join tonight as a Clipper game beckons.

To add some interest to the game threads we will be adding a game score/winning pitcher contest to every game. You can't duplicate someone else's pick.  At the end of the month a winner will be declared and True Blue prizes will be given out including Books/tickets/T-Shirts.  Even if you don't have the time or inclination to join the game threads make sure you post your game score guesses. I will be creating a  FanPost of Game Scores for each game like this before the start of every game. Only scores posted in the Fan Post Game Score Post  will count. This will be ready the morning of each game.

Also for fun Eric/BrandanBrendan/Myself will do a "Pick to Click" and you may all join in but the only prize is the undying admiration of fellow Dodger fans for being so prescient.