May Contest Revealed!

We all know that part of the Dodger offensive philosophy is taking pitches, which allows them to draw walks, get better pitches to hit, and get into the soft underbelly of the opponent's middle relief.

This month's contest will be simple:  Before each game you have to guess two things:

1) Number of called balls thrown by the opposing team

2) Number of walks issued to the Dodgers (yes, intentional walks count)

For instance, last night's game against the Padres yielded 49 balls and one walk (actually probably the least patient game of the year for the Dodgers).

No multiple guesses on the number of balls; it is OK, however, to have multiple guesses on the number of walks.  Only guesses in that day's contest thread, posted before game time, will count.

The person who wins the most games in May will win a copy of Bluetopia on DVD!

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