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Jake Peavy Deal Now "Unlikely": Dodgers Waiting to Exhale

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune says the rumored trade of Jake Peavy to the White Sox is probably dead:

It’s unlikely the Padres will trade ace pitcher Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox, though the clubs discussed a 4-for-1 swap and Peavy has heard from a White Sox player who told him he would love for Peavy to become a teammate.

It’s far more likely that Peavy will start for the Padres on Friday against the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park, according to people close to the pitcher.

Peavy’s consent would be needed for a trade, but the process hasn’t gotten to that point.

Emphasis mine.  It sounds like, if the Peavy trade will happen, it will take some time to complete.  So much for getting the "Dodger killer" out of the division, at least not yet.