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Jamie Hoffmann replaces injured Xavier Paul

Jamie Hoffmann of the Los Angeles Dodgers (via farmsystem)

Unbeknownst to Dodger fans Xavier Paul is hurt and according to Ken Gurnick, is expected to go on the DL with Jamie Hoffmann taking his place on the roster.

Hoffmann should continue to fill the same role as fourth outfielder, pinch hitter, and pinch runner that Paul did. Hoffman was tearing up the Southern League to the tune of the league's 2nd best wOBA when he was promoted to AAA to replace Paul who had been promoted to replace Manny.

Unfortunately FNC has not done a review of Hoffmann, and my BA book, and Dodger media guide are at home. I'll update his profile later but he does many things well with the exception being his lack of power. He's a late bloomer who was a hockey star first and has only been playing baseball for a limited number of years.

I'm sure Jason Repko would have gotten this call if not for his own injury that put him on the DL for the umpteeth time in his marginal career.