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Kalia Gurnee - College Graduate 2009

Uncle Phil is proud to announce that Kalia Gurnee graduated last Sunday from Willamette University.  Her parents did a great job in raising her, not only gracing her with brains and beauty but making sure she grew up a Dodger fan even though she was raised in northen northern California surrounded by Giant fans. 

Last spring she studied in Mexico where it so happened one of her fellow students had been a teammate of Clayton Kershaw's in high school. When she asked me if I knew anything about him I was proudly able to send her the Minotaur is Unleashed link. On her way back from Mexico she came by to visit and I think we watched his first ever start but I could be mixing that up, so don't hold me to it.

Either way, my wife and I are very proud of her, and her parents. She was born in a birthing bathtub her father made and it must have had some magic in it. She's smart enough to be anything she wants but she's chosen to help children who need it most. Some future children are going to be very lucky she chose that path. We feel very lucky she's our niece.