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The 50-Walk Challenge: Update


Back in the offseason, I issued a challenge to the Dodgers to have eight different players with 50 walks this season.  If that happens, I will donate $100 to Think Cure, a charity organization started by the McCourts and the Dodgers, dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

Here's a look at where we are at right now, through 46 team games, along with the pace of each member of the regular lineup:

Batter BB Pace
Manny Ramirez 26 100*
Andre Ethier 26 92
Russell Martin 25 88
Orlando Hudson 24 85
James Loney 20 70
Matt Kemp 18 63
Rafael Furcal 15 53
Casey Blake 15 53

*For Ramirez, the pace is for a 112-game schedule rather than 162

So far, we are right on track for the Dodgers to meet my challenge.  The Dodgers lead the majors with 208 walks, just over 4.5 per game, which has contributed greatly to their major league leading .373 on-base percentage.

To find out more about Think Cure, go here, and if you would like to donate, click here.